04 September 2007

Stolen by the Sheikh

Stolen by the Sheikh by Marianne LaCroix
Marianne LaCroix's newest story, STOLEN BY THE SHEIKH, is out at Red Rose. It is also available at AllRomanceEbooks. And while you're enjoying Marianne's newest release, remember that Morag's contest closes at midnight tonight. Comment for your chance to win. Check back here tomorrow for the winners' names.

Morocco, 1912 -- While in Casablanca, Lady Christine Langtry is stolen right off the street by a dark, handsome desert lord, Sheikh Zafar bin Hassan. Christine succumbs to his touch, surrendering her body to his possessive kisses and commanding caresses. Then Christine discovers the shocking truth—her deceased husband had traded her away to the sheikh!

Walking back to his tent he decided to lie with his new slave again. She would be ripe and ready after a few seductive words of promise along with several longing kisses. Soon, his little English rose would learn to quake with anticipation for his touch.

At the tent, he lifted the flap and walked inside.

He'd expected her to be asleep, resting as he ordered. Instead she was awake and but unmoving. She refused to turn her head and look at him. Her lips quivered and her eyes were full of fear.

Then he followed her gaze to the bed.

A scorpion!

He moved in a flash, drawing his knife from his side and dashed to the bed. He stabbed the tan creature and it wriggled and stung wildly in its death against the blade. Tossing the creature to the floor, Zafar stepped on it.

"It's dead now," he said as he went to her, untying her wrists.

Then she did the unexpected. She slapped him across the face.

He sat stunned as he caught her arm drawing back to strike again. "What is this? I just saved you from a painful death."

"You bastard, if you hadn't tied me up I would have squished that thing myself!"

He just stared at her. She was amazing. He smiled and tossed his head back and laughed.

"What's so funny?"



"I thought you would be grateful for my killing the scorpion, instead you sting me...much like the scorpion."

"Perhaps you shouldn't leave me tied up and defenseless again."

He sobered. "Only if you promise not to run."

She lowered her eyes.

He clasped her face between his hands, forcing her to look at him. Something within him ached...something he could not label. It was new, strange, and painful, and the ache increased as he gazed upon this woman.

"Promise me," he whispered.

"I can't do that," she replied softly, her eyes filing with tears.

"You will never want for anything."

A tear slid down her cheek. "I want to go home."

He leaned towards her face and kissed away the salty wetness. "You will come to love me."

Now why had he said that? Startled he pulled away from her and saw that she'd been shocked by his words as well.
Good luck with your newest release, Marianne!

(Reader advisory: Story includes forced seduction scenes, m/f explicit sex.)