19 September 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Colors

By Carrie Lofty

This week, we start a regular feature on Unusual Historicals: the Thursday Thirteen. This is a terribly popular weekly meme, and we'll use it as a break from the heavy history. Our TTs can be anything! So now, I present thirteen names of unusual colors--or unusual color names. You decide.

1. Gamboge
2. Amaranth
3. Tenné
4. Girlsnberry
5. Feldgrau
6. Cerise
7. Heliotrope
8. Bistre
9. Bole
10. Harlequin
11. Smalt
12. Zinnwaldite
13. Viridian

But, you know, my favorite is still Scarlet. What color words do you fancy? Puse? Oxblood? Woad? Be creative!