22 August 2009

Weekly Announcements - 22 Aug 09

Elizabeth Lane has just signed contracts for two new Harlequin Historicals, the first a 1920 Western, the second set in 1850s California. Congratulations!


Keta Diablo's LAND OF FALLING STARS, a Civil War erotica novel, was awarded a Top Pick by Night Owl Romance, calling it "a beautiful and haunting love story full of passion, deception, danger and the epic War Between the States...."


Join us tomorrow when Christy Hubbard, a new pseudonym for historical mystery writer C. C. Harrison, will join us to talk about SAGE CANE'S HOUSE OF GRACE AND FAVOR, set in an Old West Colorado mining town.

Women needed guts to live in the Old West and Sage Cane had an abundance. Finding herself penniless and in debt after the death of her father, then abandoned at the altar by a fortune-hunting scoundrel, she headed for Colorado gold country to take possession of the hotel she inherited from her Aunt Hannah "Honey" Wild. When she arrives, she is shocked to discover the hotel is really a bordello called Wild Mountain Honey Pleasure Palace. She announces her decision to close it down, but meets resistance from sexy Sheriff Bridger Norwood who is convinced it has to remain open in order to keep the peace in the rough and tumble mining town.

But Sage wasn't born to let adversity keep her down or men control her destiny.

It was a town of, by and for men with nothing for women. Not a slip of silk or froth of lace could be found anywhere outside the bordello. While the men mined for gold, drank in the saloons, gambled at the card tables, or visited Wild Mountain Honey, the wives were left behind to scrabble together a home in tents, huts and dugouts. That is, until Sage Cane secretly opened a charm school to teach them how to dress for adornment, whisper into a man's ear, and practice the fine art of seduction.

SAGE CANE'S HOUSE OF GRACE AND FAVOR vividly brings to life the hardships and dangers women faced in the rugged frontier towns that catered to men. Secrets are revealed and secrets are kept, but women did what they had to do to survive in this story of a town forced to rise to the standards of its women.

We'll also draw the winner of Amanda McIntyre's TORTURED. You still have time to throw your name in the hat, if you haven't done so.


And stay with us through the coming weeks when we'll be featuring authors who write everything from erotica to inspirational--but all unusual historicals! Blythe Gifford, and Maureen Lang, Jean Adams, and Leanna Renee Hieber will be our guests. We hope you'll join us!


Have a good weekend! If you have an announcement to make for next week, email Carrie. See you next week...