07 August 2009

Weekly Announcements - 7 Aug 09

I'd like to welcome three new contributors, as well as the return of an old friend. Let me introduce them to you...

Harlequin Historicals author Blythe Gifford is a fellow member of my illustrious Chicago North RWA chapter, whose freelance work has been published in Writer's Digest and Novel Writer. Her debut novel, THE KNAVE AND THE MAIDEN was a Golden Heart finalist, and INNOCENCE UNVEILED was set in medieval Flanders! Her September release is IN THE MASTER'S BED, the sequel to her successful THE HARLOT'S DAUGHTER.

Margaret Mallory so enjoyed her guest post, in which she discussed her debut KNIGHT OF DESIRE, that she decided to stick around as a regular contributor! The next in her "All the King's Men" series, KNIGHT OF PLEASURE, will be released in December 2009.

Throughout her varied career, Kristina McMorris has been a freelance writer, wedding planner, television presenter, speechwriter, and two-time Golden Heart finalist. She recently sold her novel LETTERS FROM HOME, set in World War II Europe and on the American homefront. Its tentative trade paperback release date from Kensington is February 2011.

And finally we welcome the return of Zoe Archer, who took time off from our blog to concentrate on her writing, the result of which is her four-part Victorian "Blades of the Rose" series. Combining history, desire, romance, and high adventure, WARRIOR (09/2010), SCOUNDREL (10/2010), REBEL (11/2010), and STRANGER (12/2010) will be released by Kensington.

Welcome to all of our new members! I would also like to wish a fond farewell to three contributors whose commitments take them away from Unusual Historicals: Carol Spradling, Bonnie Vanak and Vicki Gaia. Thank you for everything, ladies!

These changes bring our strength to 25 contributors, all of whom look forward to bringing you new and interesting posts in the months and years to come.


Michelle Styles has release dates for her upcoming Harlequin Historical and Harlequin Mills & Boon romances: THE VIKING'S CAPTIVE PRINCESS in December 2009; SOLD & SEDUCED in February 2010; and COMPROMISING MISS MILTON in May 2010.


Erastes' FROST FAIR has been relaunched by Cheyenne Publishing with a beautiful new cover designed by Alex Beecroft.


Jeannine van Eperen, who used to be a regular contributor to this site, has released a new work of historical fiction called A NEW DAY from Wings ePress. It centers on the trials and loves of three generations of women--Caroline, Augusta and Lucy--and depicts life in Pomeranian Prussia from 1848 to 1886, and immigrant life in Chicago from 1886 to 1914.


Join us Sunday when author Mingmei Yip will be joining us to talk about PEACH BLOSSOM PAVILION, her gorgeous novel set in early 20th century China! You can read an excerpt here.

We'll also draw the winner of Margaret Mallory's KNIGHT OF DESIRE. You still have time to throw your name in the hat, if you haven't done so.

And stay with us throughout August when we'll be featuring authors who write everything from erotica to inspirational--but all unusual historicals! Amanda McIntyre, Christy Hubbard, Blythe Gifford, and Maureen Lang will be our guests. We hope you'll join us!


Have a good weekend! If you have an announcement to make for next week, email Carrie. See you next week...