07 March 2010

Guest Author: Lisa Marie Wilkinson

This week we're welcoming Medallion Press author and Unusual Historicals contributor Lisa Marie Wilkinson as she celebrates the release of her second historical romance, STOLEN PROMISE. With colorful Gypsy characters and settings spanning from England to a sprawling South Carolina plantation, STOLEN PROMISE explores the deep passions that result when cultures collide.

At the Lowara Gypsy Camp outside Windsor, England, in 1806, a young woman will lose her independence in a common marriage market transaction. Jade knows she is promised to Dimitri, a possessive abuser. Jade knows he will hurt her. Jade knows her freedom is gone.

When her father sends her to the arms of another man, she finds only slight consolation...until she encounters her intended. Evan Dark is a half-Gypsy gentleman--nothing like Dimitri. Caught in a battle between tribes, Jade is a piece of property, the ideal runaway bride. In order to escape Dimitri's clutches, she sails for Charleston with Evan as his indentured servant. But, engaged to another woman as part of a plantation merger in South Carolina, Evan's affiliation with Jade can never be more than professional.

Evan must choose between fulfilling his obligation to marry his betrothed or accept his overpowering passion for Jade, a woman his matchmaking Gypsy grandfather deemed the perfect Romany wife. In nineteenth-century America, where insincere tradition meets old money and arranged matrimony in upper-crust society, Evan faces the most difficult decision of his life: Remain loyal to the fiancée he holds in commitment...or be true to the lover he holds in his heart.

"I fell in love with the intense passion, exciting adventures, the love that would not be beaten down, and the vivid and colorful depiction that make this a fantastic journey for those readers who want to take a trip within these wonderful pages." ~ 5/5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

"Absolutely scrumptious! Our author has given us an action packed, emotional powerhouse that will keep you turning pages as quickly as possible from beginning to end...I totally adored this book." ~ Terra, Yankee Romance Reviewers

"With STOLEN PROMISE, Lisa Marie Wilkinson delivered a romantic but fast-paced story set against the backdrop of the gypsy world and the Southern hospitality of South Carolina. It is fluently written and researched with profound characters. This warm, dynamic and spirited story will keep you reading until the very last page!" ~ Marissa, Realms on our Bookshelves


What inspired you to write about Gypsies?

I met a group of Gypsies who were traveling through the Los Angeles area when I lived in California, and I found them fascinating. I've always been interested in different cultures, and the Romany people have beliefs and customs that make them wholly unique. Great fodder for a romance novel!

What is the significance of the necklace on the cover of STOLEN PROMISE?

In the era in which STOLEN PROMISE is set, the Romany women literally carried their fortunes on their person, in the form of a necklace called a galbé. The necklace was usually made of a gold chain with coins attached. The galbé in STOLEN PROMISE features prominently in the story, and the heroine, Jade, ends up with a much nicer necklace by the end of the story than she possessed at the beginning. The galbé depicted on the cover hints at a sort of blending of the two necklaces, and also represents the merge of two different cultures as Jade, the Gypsy heroine and Evan, the South Carolina plantation owner, fall in love.

And you're planning to give away a signed copy of the book this week?

Yes, it will be my pleasure to give away a signed copy of STOLEN PROMISE to the person who leaves the winning comment this week! I'm also holding a contest on my website for a free copy of the book, so stop by my website and enter there as well, to increase your chances of winning!


Thanks for stopping by, Lisa Marie! She will be here all week to answer questions about her latest historical romance novel. Please comment! I'll draw the random winner next Sunday. Void where prohibited. Best of luck!