06 June 2010

Guest Author: Lindsay Townsend

This week on Unusual Historicals we're welcoming contributor Lindsay Townsend as she celebrates the release of her latest medieval romance, A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT, available now from Kensington.

A beautiful alchemist and a valiant knight join forces to free their loved ones--and find an explosive passion...

Desperate to liberate her father who is being held prisoner by the corrupt Bishop Thomas, Joanna of Glastonbury must use her skills as an alchemist to produce an elixir for eternal life. Gold is a key ingredient, and while panning for its rare gleam, Joanna struggles to rescue a boy who is drowning--until a knight comes to her aid. When Joanna lays eyes on the handsome man, a scorching desire is sparked deep within her.

Hugh Manhill is captivated by Joanna's stunning beauty. When he and Joanna discover they share a mutual hatred of the Bishop, they devise a daring plan to save their imprisoned family members. Their common mission strengthens their undeniable bond. Soon, neither can resist their all-consuming passion as they risk all for love...

"Townsend's newest book, with its back-drop of political and religious intrigue and mayhem, delivers a romance not soon to be forgotten. With characters of great depth and emotion, torn between familial responsibilities and their deepening love, this explosive tale will bring joy and fulfillment to readers." Four Stars ~ Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews


Why do you write?

The purpose of all my writing is to entertain, sometimes to inform, to shock, to move, to carry away the reader, but always to entertain. I want to tell a story as compellingly as possible.

Where do you get ideas from?

Everywhere! I tend to think in pictures and scenes, as if watching a film. Sometimes a scene comes into my mind and won’t go, so I play with it and start from there.

How do you develop ideas?

I start with a scene, a frozen incident, and work out from it. I develop characters whom I'll enjoy writing about, often with interesting jobs or roles. The heroine in A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT is a female alchemist, one who uses her skills to help herself, her father and the hero. I also like to place my characters in interesting settings and to involve them in a situation that 'stretches' them, causes them to grow in some way.

How do you work?

I try to write every day, scene by scene, jotting down key notes of setting, character, mood and research before I write each one. I research as I go along. But the main trigger is: What if so and so happened? I do this a lot in my historical romances, including my latest, A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT. In this novel I posed myself the question: What if both the heroine and hero had to free their loved ones from an unjust imprisonment? Starting from that point, I went on to ask myself, 'What would happen next?'

What's next for Lindsay Townsend?

I've submitted my next medieval romance to Kensington Zebra and will continue to write high-stakes romance set in the past.


Thanks for stopping by, Lindsay! Readers, if you would like to be entered for a chance to win a signed copy of A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT, please lease a comment for question for Lindsay. What would you love to know about her research into medieval England? I'll draw a winner at random next Sunday. Void where prohibited. Best of luck!


Barbara E. said...

I enjoy historical romance, and medievals are an old favorite. There's just something about those valiant knights and lovely ladies that intrigue me and I love reading about them. Knight's Enchantment sounds like a wonderful book, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Alison said...

Is your romance set in Glastonbury? I think Joseph of Arimathea was meant to have ended his days there?

chey said...

Knight's Enchantment sounds like a book I want to read!

Chelsea B. said...

Ohh! These books sound fantastic! Great interview!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thank you, Barbara, Alison, Chey and Chelsea!

Hi Alison - my heroine comes from Glastonbury but the romance is not set there. It is set in the west country in England.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Lindsey. A Knight's Enchantment sounds great. I love the cover.

Virginia said...

I love reading historical romance its my favorite type of read! You just go wrong with a book about knights! Your book sounds like a fabulous read and I would love to read it!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Ooh, I love a knight in shining armour! I just finished a book with an alchemist, do you talk about how many alchemists were con artists??

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Crystal - thank you!

Hi Virginia - I agree. I love knights! (And Roman soldiers and gladiators, too.)

Hi Carrie - I do mention that some alchemists were con artists and 'puffers'(ie not serious about their work).

librarypat said...

Your books sound like the type I like to read. Historicals set during the Medieval time period were the first I read. I have read just about everything since, but they are still one of y favorites. Please count me in for the giveaway.

librarypat said...

Your book sounds interesting. Not everyone realizes how very powerful many church leaders were. Unfortunately, many were corrupt and did much to line their own pockets. Not only were they greedy, they caused much sorrow and pain to families with their unfair judgements and demands.
I'll be looking for your book. Best of luck with the release.