26 September 2010

Guest Author: Sarah Parr

This week on Excerpt Thursday we're welcoming back Kensington author SARAH PARR as she celebrates the release of her second 18th century historical romance, HIS FOR THE TAKING. This sensuous pirate adventure travels from England all the way to Bermuda, where Sarah once lived. She'll be here on Sunday to answer questions and give away a signed copy. Join us then!

Persuasion Always Wins...

On a mission to investigate treason, Privateer Marquis Warrick Barry believes he'll have no trouble getting the information he seeks from Karly Bane--the dark-haired beauty the Crown has ordered him to marry. But none of Warrick's tactics work. Unable to deny the hunger the fiery temptress elicits in him, Warrick realizes he must use seduction to persuade his new wife to trust him--both in and out of the bedroom.

When Passion Is the Prize...

As the daughter of a pirate, Karly knows she has nothing in common with the aristocratic Warrick--except an overwhelming mutual attraction. And though Warrick's intentions appear honorable, Karly cannot bring herself to reveal her closely guarded secrets. But when danger threatens to tear them apart, she must decide if she can share herself fully with the man who is now her husband--and if she wants a love that can last forever...

"Sarah Parr pens a wonderful tale that is both sparkling and fresh." ~ Coffee Time Romance

"Parr's debut is a wild ride of an adventure." ~ RT Book Reviews on RENEGADE


Why did you choose England and Bermuda for HIS FOR THE TAKING?

It was a natural fit. Heavily fortified by reefs and forts, Bermuda was home to both British pirates and privateers. For years they preyed on French and Spanish ships. Plots and plans to capture Bermuda were made but never carried out. I actually lived there for several years and was able to do my research first hand.

Did you live in England as well?

I've lived all over thanks to a restless father who worked in marketing and travel. It meant a lot of packing, but looking back it was worth it.

How do you get your ideas?

Usually when one thought crashes into another. HIS FOR THE TAKING began with a pirate and their nemesis. From there I began to play, adding Bermuda and the history of an area called The Flatts, notorious for smugglers in the day. The story grew from there, a natural sequel to my debut, RENEGADE.

What's next for you?

I have a lot going on in 2011. I just joined Twitter where I post updates, information on "Easter eggs" within the books, answer questions, and provide information on new releases. I also keep a Facebook page. In 2011 I have a couple historical romances in the works and will post more as soon as it is available.


Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! Readers, if you would like a signed copy of HIS FOR THE TAKING, leave a comment or question. Do you dig pirates? How about the idea of an exotic Bermuda setting. Personally I'd love to hear more about Sarah's adventures in living there. Leave a comment or question for you chance to win. I'll draw a winner at random next Sunday. Void where prohibited. Best of luck!