18 February 2011

Weekly Announcements - 18 Feb 2011

Lindsay Townsend has received the cover and copy for her July release, TO TOUCH THE KNIGHT, another in her very popular medieval series from Kensington.

As a pestilence sweeps medieval England, a low-born woman has only the sharpness of her wits--and the courage of her heart...

Edith of Warren Hemlet plays a dangerous game. At the knights' tourneys across the land, among the lords and ladies, she is a strange foreign princess. But in the privacy of her tent with the other survivors of her village, she is but a smith's widow with a silver tongue. They are well-fed, but if discovered, the punishment is death. And one knight--fierce, arrogant, and perilously appealing--is becoming far too attentive...

Sir Ranulf of Fredenwyke cares little for tourneys: playing for ladies' favors, when his own lady is dead; feasting, while commoners starve; "friendly" combat, when he has seen real war. Still, one lady captivates him--mysterious in her veils and silks, intoxicating with her exotic scents and bold glances. Yet something in her eyes reminds him of home...and draws him irresistibly to learn her secrets...

Join us Sunday when Kristina McMorris will be here to celebrate the debut of LETTERS FROM HOME, set in WWII. She'll also be giving away two copies! Be sure to join us then.


We'll also draw the winner of E. D. Walker's romance featuring a Norman knight werewolf, THE BEAUTY'S BEAST. You still have time to leave a comment or question for your chance to win.


Stay with us through the coming weeks when we'll be featuring the best unusual historical authors! Denise Agnew Michelle Styles, Elizabeth Lane, Kris Tualla, will be coming up. Join us!


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