17 June 2011

Announcements: 17 June 2011!

Margaret Mallory's KNIGHT OF PASSION is a finalist in THE GOLDEN QUILL! "The Golden Quill is the internationally recognized Published Authors' Contest hosted by thePhoenix Desert Rose Chapter of RWA! Congratulations to Margaret!


From Anita Davidson, we have a Victorian Gothic Romance set in Cornwall in 1882, TRENCARROW STREET.

Isabel Hart is afraid of two things, the maze at Trencarrow where she got lost as a young child, and the lake w

here her brother David saved her from drowning in a boating accident.

With her twenty-first birthday and the announcement of her engagement imminent, Isabel decides it is time for her to face her demons and ventures into the maze. There she sees something which will alter her perceptions of herself and her family forever.

The house party gathers and as more secrets are revealed, Isabel doubts she has chosen the right man, although her future fiancé has more vested in this marriage than Isabel realizes and has no intention of letting her go easily.

Will Isabel be able to put her preconceptions of marriage behind her and take charge of her own life, or is she destined to be controlled by others and a past she cannot break away from?


Lindsay Townsend’s TO TOUCH THE KNIGHT comes out in early July and a long excerpt is available all this week at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

Plus you can pick up her A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT for 99c as part of the Amazon Kindle Sunshine deal.