11 December 2011

Guest Blog: Miriam Minger

This week, we're welcoming historical romance author Miriam Minger, whose medieval novel, PAGAN'S PRIZE, is now available in digital format at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This exciting novel is set in tenth century Russia.  Miriam is here to talk about the book and give away a digital copy. Here's the blurb:

The bold Viking warrior Rurik traveled alone on a mission of conquest. But along the way a golden-haired captive inflamed him with longing. He took up his sword to defend her…then swore to claim her for his own.

A beautiful Russian princess betrayed by treachery, Zora spurned the powerful man who held her prisoner—and vowed never to yield. He had been sent as a spy to pave the way for her people’s surrender. But his furious hunger for her heated touch—and her aching need for his burning caress—led to a fiery passion that was a greater prize than any kingdom.

Q&A with Miriam Minger

What inspired you to write The Pagan’s Prize?
I love Viking stories!  My first historical romance Twin Passions was a Viking novel in honor of my Norwegian heritage.  Ever since I visited Norway with my Norwegian grandmother Bodvild when I was 17 years old, I had dreamed of writing a novel set in that amazingly beautiful country with its deep fjords, thundering waterfalls, and towering mountains.  Along every fjord I envisioned dragon-prowed Viking ships and ruggedly handsome Vikings manning the oars, and I even fell in love with a Norwegian sailor.   What more evocative setting could I find for my very first romance novel--and when I made a big jump to a new publisher I decided it was the perfect time to write my second Viking historical romance, The Pagan’s Prize.   But instead of revisiting Norway I set the story in Russia, which has a history rich in Viking lore.

What challenges did you face in researching The Pagan’s Prize?
The Vikings traveled far and wide in search of plunder and wealth and to establish trading settlements, and I became intrigued by their forays into Russia and beyond.   I had never seen such a setting done before in a Viking historical romance so I dove into researching the book at the New York Public Library.  The only problem:  Most of the historical texts were in Russian!  Keep in mind this was some time before the Internet as The Pagan’s Prize was originally published in 1993.  I continued researching and digging and discovered such a rich and unusual history of the Vikings in Russia that I found myself amazed by it all.  It was truly a thrill to write that novel and bring such a fascinating era in history alive for my readers.

What’s up ahead for you?
The ebook revolution is such an exciting time for authors, and I’m doubly thrilled to have made my entire backlist of ten award-winning historical romances available to a global audience.  I have also recently published my first straight-to-ebook romantic thriller Ripped Apart to rave five-star reviews!  I’m also very excited about e-publishing my Little Mike and Maddie series of three children’s picture books about a lovable pair of dogs and their motorcycle escapades, written under my pen name Miriam Aronson. 
My plan for 2012 is to write short stories, novellas, and a full-length novel in several different genres just for the fun of it and to surprise my readers.   So come along for a wonderful adventure with my Miriam Minger books! 

Thank you, Miriam, and best of luck with Pagan's Prize, now on digital format!

Reviews for The Pagan’s Prize 

"Another fine example of Ms. Minger's amazing talent. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" - New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey

"Brilliantly imaginative! The Pagan's Prize will totally engross the reader." - I'll Take Romance

"Five stars...It is filled with rich detail that takes the reader on a rare trip to Russia in the eleventh century and is told so skillfully that the reader feels as if they have been there. The Pagan's Prize should be at the top of your shopping list!" - Affaire de Coeur

"Outstanding! This is a well-written, moving story that shows the tremendous skill of the author. Marvelous barely describes my feelings." - Rendezvous