28 January 2013

Meet Our Contributors: Heather Domin

First post in a new series: on the last Monday of every month, one Unusual Historicals contributor will tell you a little more about herself and her writing.

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Heather Domin
website: heatherdomin.com
twitter: @heatherdomin
blog: wordpress.com
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current book list:
The Soldier of Raetia
Allegiance: A Dublin Novella

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Hello all, Heather here. I've been lurking around UH for a year or so now, and recently agreed to help Lisa out with blog maintenance. I must apologize for my lack of a Professional Author Photograph—I don't have one, because I'm not a professional author. To quote my BFF Julie, writing is my avocation, not my vocation; I've never published professionally and have no plans to do so. I'm just your garden variety internet nerd, sharing my writing with like-minded folk while remaining a socially phobic hermit. Win-win! I take a long time to get a story ready, but after 30 years I've come to accept that's just how I roll. Some writers are teppanyaki tables, some brick ovens, some deep fryers, some bubbling cauldrons. I'm a Crock-pot.

my biography
Both my novels feature love between men, so I'm often labeled an M/M writer. That's cool, but I'm not a fan of labels; they tend to be less about telling readers what you write and more about telling you what to write. Like my favorite Asgardian, I do what I want. History, though, is a common theme in almost all my work. I was a history major, and as a fangirl I consider history one of my original fandoms. I read mostly historical nonfiction and fiction, plus sci-fi, horror, and romance; I'm partial to epic battle adventureswords preferred, sandals optional. Even my stories set in the present have one foot stuck in the past. (Probably because that foot belongs to a vampire, but that's a different post.)

What I like about UH is that we don't do labels either. The word "unusual" can apply to setting, period, characters, format, all kinds of things, but it doesn't have to fit a certain definition—there's no Unusual-ness Judge. We have different backgrounds and viewpoints, but we all share a love of history and storytelling. I might not be the most sociable of the bunch, but I'm stoked to be here.


Blythe Gifford said...

Glad you came out of lurk! Thanks for pitching in.

Lisa Yarde said...

Heather, glad to have your informative and fun posts added to the blog. Thanks for helping UH grow.

Ginger Myrick said...

I am also stoked for you to be here! Ave and benvenuta, bella! (from your fellow hermit!) ;)

Heather said...

Thank you, ladies, for making me feel welcome. I hope to see you at the HNS conference this summer!

Ginger Myrick said...

Did I mention I'm a hermit?