28 January 2013

Meet Our Contributors: Heather Domin

First post in a new series: on the last Monday of every month, one Unusual Historicals contributor will tell you a little more about herself and her writing.

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Heather Domin
website: heatherdomin.com
twitter: @heatherdomin
blog: wordpress.com
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current book list:
The Soldier of Raetia
Allegiance: A Dublin Novella

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Hello all, Heather here. I've been lurking around UH for a year or so now, and recently agreed to help Lisa out with blog maintenance. I must apologize for my lack of a Professional Author Photograph—I don't have one, because I'm not a professional author. To quote my BFF Julie, writing is my avocation, not my vocation; I've never published professionally and have no plans to do so. I'm just your garden variety internet nerd, sharing my writing with like-minded folk while remaining a socially phobic hermit. Win-win! I take a long time to get a story ready, but after 30 years I've come to accept that's just how I roll. Some writers are teppanyaki tables, some brick ovens, some deep fryers, some bubbling cauldrons. I'm a Crock-pot.

my biography
Both my novels feature love between men, so I'm often labeled an M/M writer. That's cool, but I'm not a fan of labels; they tend to be less about telling readers what you write and more about telling you what to write. Like my favorite Asgardian, I do what I want. History, though, is a common theme in almost all my work. I was a history major, and as a fangirl I consider history one of my original fandoms. I read mostly historical nonfiction and fiction, plus sci-fi, horror, and romance; I'm partial to epic battle adventureswords preferred, sandals optional. Even my stories set in the present have one foot stuck in the past. (Probably because that foot belongs to a vampire, but that's a different post.)

What I like about UH is that we don't do labels either. The word "unusual" can apply to setting, period, characters, format, all kinds of things, but it doesn't have to fit a certain definition—there's no Unusual-ness Judge. We have different backgrounds and viewpoints, but we all share a love of history and storytelling. I might not be the most sociable of the bunch, but I'm stoked to be here.