21 November 2014

New & Noteworthy: November 21

Blythe Gifford’s next Royal Weddings book, WHISPERS AT COURT, is scheduled for release from Harlequin Historical in June, 2015. Set in medieval England in the court of Edward III, it tells the story of an English countess and the French hostage she at first hates, but comes to love. Their story unfolds beside a real historical love story, that of the king’s daughter Isabella and the French hostage she eventually wed. See www.blythegifford.com for more details.

Kim Rendfeld continues to write about the history behind her latest release, THE ASHES OF HEAVEN'S PILLAR (2014, Fireship Press). Her recent guest and contributing posts include "A Visit That Changed a Life and Led to Sainthood" about the founder of St. Riquier Abbey for English Historical Fiction Authors, "Say What? Lots of Languages in Charlemagne’s Realm" for Anna Belfrage’s blog, and "Sturm: One of Charlemagne’s Lieutenants in Spiritual Warfare" for Tinney Heath's Historical Fiction Research.

If you'd like to meet Kim in person, she will be at the Friends of the Library author fair and book sale 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, November 22, at the New Castle-Henry County (Indiana) Public Library, about 50 miles east of Indianapolis.