16 January 2015

New & Noteworthy: January 16

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Ian Lipke announces four novels now available through amazon.com. NARGUN and NATHAN tell the story of two Australian aborigines (father and son) in nineteenth century Australia; LEST EVIL PREVAIL and A KILLER CALLS are crime novels set in twentieth century Australia. To learn more about Ian and his writing, visit astutewriting-today.com.

• Jennifer Mueller has reprinted several more titles, including stories set in the Byzantine age and Medici Italy. Visit jennifermuellerbooks.com to see the full list of titles.

• Kim Rendfeld's latest release THE ASHES OF HEAVEN'S PILLAR was recently given a glowing review at BookStopCorner. You can read the full review here.

• Unusual Historicals contributors Lisa J. Yarde, Judith Starkston, and Kim Rendfeld, along with author Sam Thomas, will present the panel "Midwifery: Magic or Medicine?" during the Historical Novel Society North American Conference, June 26-28 in Denver. The panelists will discuss the practice of midwifery as a reflection of individual societies during the ancient world, the early and late medieval periods, and the mid-seventeenth century. For more information about the 2015 HNS Conference, see hns-conference.org.