15 May 2015

New & Noteworthy: May 15

• Blythe Gifford’s WHISPERS AT COURT will be released by Harlequin Historical/HarperCollins on May 19 in print in the U.S. The electronic edition will follow on June 1 and the print in the U.K. on June 5. 
WHISPERS AT COURT, the second Royal Wedding story. Lady Cecily scorns the French hostages held at court. Treated as honored guests, the men play at love games and Cecily fears her mistress, the princess, could be disgraced. War-weary chevalier Marc de Marcel wants only to return home. Uncertain whether his ransom will ever be paid, he makes an unlikely alliance with enticing, fire-and-ice Cecily. He'll help her keep the princess safe from ruin if she'll help him escape. A pact which could lead them into a scandal all their own… RT BookReviews gives it 4-Stars, saying “Gifford creates memorable characters and stories with such passion and authenticity that they capture the hearts of fans worldwide." 
• Can you set fire to a gunpowder trail using a flintlock musket? Watch this trailer to find out! It's all part of the celebration surrounding the new serialization of Piers Alexander's novel THE BITTER TRADE by The Pigeonhole books, available in audio and print. Learn more about the serial at SoundcloudPigeonhole, and piersalexander.com.

• Upon her return from a research trip to Spain that was full of castles and medieval legacies, Jessica Knauss got the great news that Bagwyn Books will publish her epic novel SEVEN NOBLE NIGHTS in late 2016. Read her latest blog post and see what it's like to have years of effort pay off. Congratulations Jessica!