15 December 2006

Friday Discussion Question

Good morning, ladies. First up, let me welcome our new members! Next, Kimberly's Liberty just showed up with a B+ review on Dear Author. Yay Kim! And last thing, for admin purposes, please let me know if you would like to update the book info I've included in the sidebar. Have a new release coming out? Something else you'd like to feature? E-mail Carrie.

As for me, I will be leaving for a three-week trip to England to spend the holidays with my husband's family. We have not been "home" in just over two years, so this is a really big event for us. However, vacationing in the kingdom of dial-up means that I'll be out of e-contact for many a day. I'll be able to check e-mail, but blog updates will be few.

Otherwise, here's our holiday themed discussion question: what is your writing strategy during this season of family fun, tradition, and distractions? Are you working? Are you waiting until the new year? Are you sneaking away from games of Trivial Pursuit with the in-laws to type like mad for a few minutes? Me, I've been cramming in 500 words a day between tree decorating and classic films. While saving the tough stuff for January, I am still making steady, quality progress through this month.

Now it's your turn -- let's hear your strategies!