14 December 2006

Hello From Honolulu

I write romances from WWI - WWII. My first book, BLOOD MOON OVER BENGAL, was released in October '04. The second, BLOOD MOON OVER BRITAIN, in December '05. My third book, BLOOD MOON OVER BERLIN, is set for release in September '07. These books do not make a trilogy - they are completely unrelated except they are all romantic mystery/thrillers. A blood moon is an ill omen.
I have several more unusual time period books planned: a couple of roaring twenties, two post war, and a late '60s story. So much to write so little time:-)
I live in Honolulu with my husband Loren and the Princelings: two twenty-five pound Maine Coon monster cats, Dynofelis Fergus McMouser and Smilodon St. John Blue.