14 September 2007

Blog Changes -- Whatcha Think?

Hello Dear Readers!

So how do we like the new web design? It's not radical, but it features more of our own graphics rather than stock photos. I've also updated the comments threads so you can stay informed when people reply to you. The old comments are still there, you just have to click on the Permalink for each post to see them. The search function in the sidebar is exclusive to this site, so if you want to search for all posts featuring Michelle Styles, go ahead and search for her!

Also, we're implementing a new system of posting, to give the site more structure. Here's what you can expect in the coming months:

1. Monthly Themes: We will begin posting based on topics, not assigned days. For instance, if the monthly theme is "Crime & Punishment," you'll be reading posts on justice through various eras. Michelle might write about how criminals were punished in Ancient Rome. I might offer information about the Sheriff of Nottingham's true role in Sherwood Forest, and Dulcie would write about mafia connections and speakeasies in 1920s Chicago. Same theme, different eras and places. These posts will run on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so not every contributor will post every month.

2. Thursday Thirteen: We will begin participation in the very popular Thursday Thirteen meme. I'll start us off for a few weeks to get everyone familiar with the process, then we'll take volunteers to submit their own lists of 13. An example of my latest Thursday Thirteen can be found here. If you're interested in doing a relevant 13, email me: contact AT carrielofty DOT com

3. Announcement Roundup: Fridays will feature a collection of news and announcement from our authors and any readers who wish to have a shout out. Contact me at the email mentioned above to submit announcements.

4. Guest Reviews/Release Parties: Sunday will be our revolving day for guest blogers, interviews, reviews of unusual historical books for authors other than our contributors, and release party Q&As as they roll around. If you would like to invite a fellow author to stop by for a guest interview, or if you have a review of an unusual historical novel you'd like featured, please contact me. We'll schedule out into the future according to demand, so get your requests in early.

We hope this system of integrating promotions and historical tidbits in an organized fashion will better appeal to our readers.

Please let us know what you think!

All the best,
The Unusual Historicals team