12 September 2007

Hearts Through History Features Faery Special Romances!

Wow, today is a cool day!

Hearts Through History Romance Writers featured Faery Special Romances on their Myspace blog and bulletin!

Special thanks to Huntress Reviews, the review by Detra Fitch they picked to feature.

Hugs also to Marilyn Rondeau with Kwips & Kritiques, Crystal from Book Reviews by Crystal, Tammie King with Night Owl Romances, and Deborah MacGillivray on ParaNormal Romance.

Thanks, Hearts Through History!


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Jacquie Rogers
Faery Special Romances (Available now!)
Take a look at the book video
Royalties go to Children's Tumor Foundation,
ending Neurofibromatosis through Research


Jennifer Linforth said...

Great to see the book front and center! Congrats.


hurricanemercedes said...

very cool

Jacquie said...

Thanks, Jennifer and Mercedes!