01 November 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Great Beauties in History

Thursday Thirteen
By Erastes

1. Queen Nefertiti (1400 BC) Her name roughly translates to "the beautiful one is come."

2. Helen of Troy (1100 BC) Toppled the toppleless towers of Troy.

3. Xi Shi (506 BC) Her beauty was said to be so extreme that while leaning over a balcony to look at the fish in the pond, the fish would be so dazzled that they forgot to swim and gradually sunk away from the surface

4. Cleopatra (69 BC) Her beauty rocked two empires.

5. Henry VIII (1491) A very handsome young man, and said to have very beautiful calves!

6. George Villiers First Duke of Buckingham (1592) Said to be the lover of two kings.

7. Casanova (1725) all those women...he must have had something going for him!

8. Emma Hamilton (1765) Mistress of many!

9. Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie Became the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796.

10. Maria Fitzherbert (1765) Unacknowledged (by Parliament) wife of George III.

11. George Noel Gordon (1788) Otherwise known as mad, bad and dangerous to know...

12. Lily Langtry (1853) The Jersey Lily, she was mistress to Edward VII.

13. Alfred "Bosie" Douglas Letters to him destroyed Oscar Wilde's career.