02 November 2007

Weekly Announcements

This is Week 5 of Jacquie Rogers' Great Holiday Contest Fest. Go to her homepage and click on "Contest" to enter. You could win the newly released WARRIOR'S BRIDE by American Title II winner Gerri Russell.


Carrie Lofty won the "Through the Garden Gate" historical contest from The Wild Rose Press, in the vintage category (1950s-60s). This time travel short, "SUNDIAL," tells the story of Mark Lacey, a New Yorker from 1987. He's been trapped in 1950s Sorrento, Italy for four years, since he was 16. Thirty-year-old Australian Amber Schulman--daughter of a globe-hopping, thrice-divorced ambassador father--is from 2007. She just arrived in 1958, and they're trying their best to make sense of the crazy mixed-up thing that is time travel, love and life. And then they have The Hot, Hot Sex.

Click here for an excerpt. Updates to come on "Sundial"'s publication.


Carrie Lofty's first sale, "Redeeming Will Scarlet," has been retitled WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS and will be a Zebra Debut from Kensington in December '08. What are your thoughts on the title?


Strangely Wonderful by Karen MercuryKaren Mercury's newest book from Medallion, (The) STRANGELY WONDERFUL (Tale of Count Balashazy), was released on Tuesday--a month ahead of schedule. Eep!

In Madagascar in 1828, a refugee from Jean Lafitte's band has built a pirate colony that he rules through a bitter opium haze until the arrival of an American naturalist and her two eccentric brothers tears his utopian paradise asunder. With the King's death, the psychotic Queen begins a rampage of anti-European persecution.
We'll be featuring Karen and her new historical adventure on Sunday's guest blog. Hope you can make it!


Christmas Wedding Wager by Michelle StylesMichelle Styles is a busy, busy lady. Her seasonal release, THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING WAGER has gone on sale at eHarlequin, both print and ebook. Retail sales will begin in December, so look for her release party later this month.


Our "Standards of Beauty" month is off to a great start with yesterday's list of 13 historical beauties. Check back all month for exposés on beauty practices from ancient Egypt to the US 1920s, from underwear to the influence of art. Great stuff!

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend! Remember, if you don't get your announcements to me, I can give you your dues! If you have an announcement to make for next week, email Carrie! See you next week...

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