20 December 2009

Guest Author: MJ Smith

We're happy to welcome author MJ Smith as she celebrates the release of her WWII-era romance, FOREVER YOURS. Stay tuned to learn how you can win a copy!

Europe is torn apart by World War II and a feisty and beautiful heroine, Liz, answers the call to battle as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Philip, her childhood friend and superior in the air force, is in a position of authority to stop her, but Liz is determined. Before she leaves on a dangerous reconnaissance mission, the two share a passionate night and Philip proposes, giving her his grandmother's ring.

Liz's plane goes down during her mission in enemy territory while Philip is sent to train with an elite team of paratroopers. The two discover other loves during their time apart, each thinking the other is lost forever. Will these two star-crossed lovers find each other or will a war that has destroyed so much destroy the greatest love each has ever known?


"Grab a cozy chair, a hot cup of tea, and get ready for a journey you will never forget in FOREVER YOURS. This is one story that ranks high in powerful emotions." ~ Coffee Time Romance

"FOREVER YOURS is a romantic romp through Europe during World War II, continuing well after VE-Day. This is an action packed story from the battlefields to the bedroom, with a lot of romance, a lot of tension, sexual and otherwise. Definitely a page turner!" ~ Romancing the Pubs

"FOREVER YOURS is a touching romantic tale of two young people who discover true love in war torn Europe while heroically serving their country. Their story of love, loss and devotion tugs at the heart strings while engaging the reader in realities of war." ~ Fiction Vixen


What influenced your storyline for FOREVER YOURS?

Many things influenced my storyline. My love of history and fascination for this time period mostly inspired me. And World War II was also part of stories my maternal grandparents used to tell me as a child. So I guess it was only natural for me that one day I would write a romance story set in war time England and France.

Your heroine, Liz Williams, is a female pilot in the RAF. This was highly unusual for this era. Did you research lead you to find female RAF pilots during WWII and if so, could you tell us a little about them?

I knew the RAF used female pilots during the war. It was unusual and not very well accepted by the men. But, during my research, I found that the Royal Air Force formed what was called the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force. They were a bunch of courageous women despite their difficult tasks and harsh words from their fellow male pilots. And in my book, I do show at the beginning how my heroine and her fellow female pilots are not welcomed by the men. But, I wanted to push the idea further, and show that these women were as good as any male pilot. And I loved imagining that one of them succeeded in going a bit further to fight against the enemy and join reconnaissance missions.

What do you love about writing historical novels?

I love the fact that I can go back in time and put myself in the heroine's shoes and clothes. And I love researching for my books. Every time I discover interesting things.

What has been the readers' response to your debut novel?

Until now, every person who has read my book says how much they like it. They feel the romance, love and loss felt by the main characters.

Tell us about your upcoming historical novel?

My upcoming book is called A SOLDIER'S VOW. It takes place during World War I Europe where an American female photographer meets a handsome Canadian soldier. My manuscript is in the editing process but it should be out during the winter.


Thank you, MJ, for visiting with us! Remember to leave a comment to be put in the draw for a signed copy of FOREVER YOURS. I'll draw a winner at random next Sunday. Void where prohibited. Good luck!