08 December 2010

Anniversary Bash: Day Three!

It's international day here at Unusual Historicals! Yeah, yeah, I know. International locations is sort of the point of this place, isn't it? But today is extra special--it's the day we can get books to our much beloved overseas readers and commenters! We're giving away a total of seven books, but this one's going to be a little different.

There will be two winners!

First, I can't forget yesterday's winner: Ren, come on down! You have one day to email myself (lorelielong at gmail dot com) or Carrie Lofty (contact at carrielofty dot com).

But it's not too late for the rest of y'all. Let's move on to today's pack!

One lucky person will get four e-books. Whether you're a long time digital reader, or you're hoping you've been good enough that Santa will bring you an e-reader, this is one sweet bundle. (I might be a wee bit prejudiced since my debut novel's in this prize pack.) A second lucky winner will get a bundle of books from Michelle Styles, along with an extra little treat -- and she's even willing to ship overseas! Woot!

Prize Pack One (the e-books):

Carrie Lofty:

Song of Seduction

Lorelie Brown:

Jazz Baby
(this one's mine. So of course it's the best in the group. *g*)

Lindsay Townsend:

Flavia’s Secret

Prize Pack Two:

Michelle Styles:

Breaking the Governess's Rules (this one's even a hardback, y'all. Extra fancy. Plus it's not even out 'til January.)
A Question of Impropriety
Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife
These are all signed plus she's going to throw in a Northumberland tea towel! How cute.

Now, Michelle Style's debut book was Gladiator's Honor, which always puts me in mind of Russell Crowe. And I know Carrie Lofty was thinking of Hugh Jackman a lot when she wrote Song of Seduction. So for today's entries, tell me your favorite leading man. Who do you most often cast in the role of hero as you read? Also tell me if you want to enter for the ebooks or Michelle's or both.

Don't forget--there will be two winners picked from today's entries.

The usual: Void where prohibited. All contests subject to applicable rules and regulations of your local laws.


Lorelie Brown's first book, JAZZ BABY, is currently available from Samhain Publishing and will be released 4 January in paperback. Her second romance, an 1880s-set western, will be published by Carina Press in Summer 2011.


Noelle Pierce said...

What a great set of books! I've got Carrie's book on my "to buy with Christmas monies" list and have wanted it ever since I heard her talk about it at nationals. And I've heard good things about nearly all the others, too.

Favorite leading man? Gerard Butler. But I have a weekly blog segment dedicated to all my favorite leading men (because sometimes another guy is better for a certain role...).

Yay for anniversaries!

Sybylla said...

Enter me for both, please!

Favorite leading man....Currently, Nathan Fillion. Historically, Ed Harris.

Kristabel Reed said...

Favorite leading man...historically I'm going with Cary Grant. Nope. I'm going with Cary Grant period. He was funny, serious, sometimes both in the same scene/sentence, and no one, NO ONE can match the look on his face in Arsenic & Old Lace when he discovers a body in the windowseat. Classic!


Linda Henderson said...

They all look like great books. I'd love to read any of them. Gerard Butler is usually the one I'm thinking of.

seriousreader at live dot com

RomanceLover88 said...

Colin Firth. He's sexy and has that lovely British accent.

susied said...

Depends on the book I'm reading, I picture any number of leading men. But current movie favorites are Russell Crowe, Richard Armitage, Colin Firth and Rufus Sewell. Pls. enter me for Michelle's contest. Thank you!

Clancy said...

Currently, my J's have me all wrapped up (that would be Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural), but historically I'm weak for Gary Cooper, Gerard Butler and Jake Gyllenhaal. There are so many in truth. I just love me all things hot men....
Please consider me for both drawings.

Tricia Schneider said...

I'm a Gerard Butler fan! I've been crazy about him since Dracula 2000! But, I also like Hugh Jackman, and sometimes I just envision my own fantasy hero while I'm reading. Depends on how the author describes him.

All of these books look great! Enter me for both, please! :)

Melinda B. Pierce said...

Oh my, it's so hard to choose one favorite leading man. Hugh Jackman is my ultimate favorite leading man and I will watch him in anything. Plus, he loves his mom, isn't afraid to hug her on t.v. and can sing too. He's a total package:-)

I'd love to entered in both. Thank you,

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Favorite leading man? Gerard Butler for sure! I watch anything he's in, whether it's usually my type of movie or not... and so far, I haven't been disappointed!

ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

Carrie Lofty said...

Thanks again, everyone, for stopping by today! It's great to see so many new names as visitors, and folks who keep coming back. We appreciate your support and interest!

I agree with those of you who say there's just no way to choose. With so many great actors and fabulous heroes out in Romancelandia, why limit our imaginations to just one?

And Noelle, thanks for that! What a great first comment to find in my inbox this morning :)

Jules said...

Great prizes, for sure!

My favorite leading man is undoubtedly Gary Oldman, for many reasons - but behind him are a lot of other hotties, including Cary Grant, who still had it going on in his 80's! I'm also grooving on Alex O'Loughlin and Ian Somerhalder as my current vamp faves lol

Margaret Mallory said...

I loved Viggo Mortensen in the Lord of the Rings movies, especially the first one when he was Strider. Oh my, heroic and that deadly dark hair & blue eyes combination.

My favorite leading man in a book is still Jamie Fraser in Outlander. (I'm sure he was in the back of my mind when I named my hero in KNIGHT OF PASSION Jamie...)

It's wonderful to see so many people stopping by for our anniversary bash. Thanks!


Modokker said...

I'd cast Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman i think. Please enter me for both! Love the cover of your Debut book. Love great covers! Congrats on your debut!

Lisa B
modokker at yahoo dot ocm

Michele L said...

I had an amazing dream last night where for some reason I was in my grandmother's kitchen gushing about Aiden from Sex and the City and how he was the only man ever "to make my toes curl." So that's my subconscious' answer.


Carol Burge said...

Favorite leading man? Because I'm such a big Western fan, Clint Eastwood. Love his Westerns, especially The Outlaw Josey Wales!

And my fav in general, Gerard Butler. *(wink, wink). He's awesome!

Great giveaway!

Nas Dean said...

I always imagined Roger Moore to be the hero of books I was reading, then came Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton...

Happy Anniversary and please enter me for both the contests. BTW, I'd love to read Michelle's books as I became hooked on historicals after her HIS STAND IN BRIDE!

jayhjay said...

Ooh, good question! I have a few: Hugh Jackman, Nathan Fillion, Clive Owen, Colin Firth...

I'd be happy to be entered for either prize.

Pamela Mason said...

OMyGoodness there are so many....
I do love Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Colin and all the others mentioned here, but... sometimes I like Chris Noth, and sometimes I like Matthew MaconaHEY (I don't know how to spell his name, but I bet you don't need me to), and then there's Clark Gable a la Rhett Butler, and then there's Mickey Rourke (I know he's not as pretty as in his youth, but I do love his scarred psyche)!

Lindsay Townsend said...

My favourite leading movie man is Russell Crowe - I love his sheer intensity and magnetism.

One of my favourite leading men in a novel is Kester Woodsheaves in 'Precious Bane' - a weaver who wrestles. And who can love Prue as she is, hare-lip and all. Lovely!

It's super to see so many people coming here this week! I hope you're all having fun!

Michelle Styles said...

Lovely to see so many people here!

Ideas for heroes:
Richard Armitage, Philip Glenister, James Purefoy, Rupert Penry Jones, Jason Isaacs are a few I have used. Oh yes and Tom Hardy.

Liz Fichera said...

I'm rather partial to Native American leading men. Adam Beach comes to mind and Taylor Lautner (quite hunky, albeit in a young way) shows great promise. I pictured Adam Beach when I developed Honovi for CAPTIVE SPIRIT.

Fun post!!

Virginia said...

All of these books look great! I think who I would cast as my leading man would be Jeffery Dean Morgan, there is just something about this man I love. Please enter me.


Margaret Mallory said...

Oh wait, I forgot to mention Olivier Martinez, an actor I bet a lot of you don't know. I think he's called the Brad Pitt of French film, though he's dark-haired gorgeous. It's been years since I saw him in The Horseman on the Roof, but he was quite...memorable...That is a VERY romantic, historical movie, BTW.


Sewicked said...

It depends on what the leading man is like. If he's dark and handsome, then Howard Keel or Sir Lawrence Olivier. If he's described as rugged, then Sean Connery. If he's blond, I think Heath Ledger.

Elizabeth said...

I would love to have either set!

Pierce Brosnan is still a favorite of mine, from Remington Steele days!

Trippinoutmysoul said...

My new favorite actor is Charlie Hunnam, of FX's Sons of Anarchy fame. His portrayal of Jax is perfect, and I can't wait to see him in other roles.

That said, I don't usually cast a book with real actors. I use the descriptions given in the books and fill in the blanks...my years of being a Sims addict is useful in this.
Thank you for the opportunities to win great books and Happy Anniversary! Enter me for both :)

Zai Abd Rahman said...

Favorite leading man- Hugh Jackman if it is tough and rugged character and for historical normally it will be Colin Firth or Pierce Brosnan.

She said...

I don't have one leading man. The one actor whose movies I usually always see in Gerard Butler. But I love Cary Grant. He could do comedy and drama. Enter me in both contests. All the books sound good.


Suzi said...

Great topic as I love leading men! Lots of them!
Older ones were Rock Hudson, James Stewart and Cary Grant.
For my newer dark and sexy hero I always pick Keanu Reeves because his 'Come to bed' eyes make me think of love scenes.
And I'd love Michelle's books.

Ellowyne said...

Oh dear! Richard Armitage, Richard Armitage, Richard Armitage. That man is beautiful with a voice that makes me melt! Also, he plays the cello!

I'd like to be entered for both please!

JenM said...

Would you believe that I rarely picture a real person when I'm reading? I'm not sure why that is. However, my favorite leading guys are Johnny Depp and George Clooney, so if I were going to picture anyone, it would be one of them. Please enter me for both prizes.


17catherines said...

Damn, there was someone I saw just the other day who had me falling out of my chair because he was just *that* hot, despite not being terribly good-looking, and I can't remember who it was!

That said, Richard Armitage is rather wonderful, and Rafe Fiennes, though not my type, somehow becomes my type when acting. And, oh, my, could anyone *not* fall for Johnny Depp?

(the trouble is, I completely fell in love with a retired actor in a novel I read recently by Connie Willis, so now I want to say Sir Godrey Kingsman, even though he doesn't exist in real life)

joanieponytail said...

Alas, no e-reader, but I love Michelle Styles.
If I have to choose one leading man it would have to be Gerard Butler, but Colin Firth and Tommy Lee Jones are my emergency back-ups.
Sweet dreams to me just thinking about them.

Sheree said...

Please enter me for both!

I don't generally have a leading ma in mind when I read although Hugh Jackman is a definite possibility.


Carrie Lofty said...

The winners were chosen. I'm posting them here for you:

RomanceLover88, you win the pack from Michelle Styles. Zai Abd Rahman, you get the ebooks. You each have 24 hours to contact Lorelie (lorelielong at gmail dot com) or Carrie Lofty (contact at carrielofty dot com) to collect your prizes.