20 March 2015

New & Noteworthy: March 20

Blythe Gifford has a cover for WHISPERS AT COURT, her June 2015 release from Harlequin Historical in the US and UK. The second Royal Wedding story, it is set at the English court of Edward III, where noble French hostages are being held as prisoners of war. 
Lady Cecily scorns the French hostages, who are treated as honored guests. The men play at love games and Cecily fears her mistress, the princess, could be disgraced. War-weary chevalier Marc de Marcel wants only to return home. Uncertain whether his ransom will ever be paid, he makes an unlikely alliance with enticing, fire-and-ice Cecily. He'll help her keep the princess safe from ruin if she'll help him escape. A pact which could lead them into a scandal all their own…
• Ian Lipke has begun a new project: a history of the University of the Third Age in Brisbane Australia, to be released in 2016 when the movement in Brisbane will be thirty years old. There will be sections by scholars of international renown such as Dr. Rick Swindell, Ainslie Lamb, Ron Browne, and Barrie Brennan. More information to come as the project progresses.

Heather Domin is partnering with a new indie publisher, Sidh Press, to translate her books into French. The French editions of SOLDIER OF RAETIA and ALLEGIANCE will go on sale within the year, with translations of HEIRS OF FORTUNE and future works to come at a later date.